Mission: To provide to the Market with reliable tools for a better assessment of genotoxicity.

Today, the evaluation of risks to human and environmental health is mainly based on “traditional" toxicity studies (experimental studies of toxicology in animals and cell models) and measurement of environmental toxins. Given the current requirements, new approaches emerge. This is the case of molecular epidemiology whose goal is to provide biological plausibility in association to risk through the study of biomarkers.

What are the risks associated with the RELATIONSHIP between HUMAN and the ENVIRONMENT?


Risk Assessments

"Classical approach",

  • Dosimetry (chemical measurement)
  • Toxicology, Epidemiology…

Original "new" approach

  • Eco toxicology
  • Molecular Epidemiology
Problem of the value (relevance) of the dosimetry in Environmental Health


New needs in Risk assessment
Ie: Genetic Toxicology
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