Interest of the technological approach proposed by ADN’tox in comparison with others…

  • ADn'tox focuses its R&D on complementary tools adapted to genotoxicology market, with the aim to better meet the needs of this changing market.
  • ADn'tox relies on the complementarity between the 32P-post-labeling method and mass spectrometry in the study of DNA adducts.
  • ADn'tox uses scientifically recognized methods for the study of genotoxicity, adapting them to the specific customer’s issues

Mutagenicity / Genotoxicity ASSAYS

% of use in surface water studies¹ Characteristics of the measurement Potential for high-throughput analysis Cost
Relevance & specificity Versatility Earliness
Bacterial tests (Ames assay…) 49%
Micronucleus 17%
Other cytogenetic damage (CA…) 10%
Comet assay 10%
DNA adducts by 32P postlabelling 13%
DNA adducts by mass spectrometry (HPLC - MS) Not rated
¹ From Hoe & coll., 2004 (among 178 published studies)