Quelques études publiées impliquant l’équipe d’ADn’tox

Effets délétères de polluants divers sur l’homme

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    DNA adduct variations in non-smoking crop farmers: potential relationship with occupational exposure to pesticides?
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    Evaluation of bulky DNA adduct levels after pesticide use: Comparison between open-field farmers and fruit growers
  • LE GOFF J, et al. Mutation Research 2005, 587 : 90-102
    Seasonal variations of DNA-adduct patterns in open field farmers handling pesticides.

Développement de bioindicateurs de pollution des eaux marines et douces

  • WESSEL N, et al. Aquatic toxicology 2012, 108: 33-41.
    Genotoxic and enzymatic effects of fluoranthene in microsomes and freshly isolated hepatocytes from sole (Solea solea)
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    Genotoxicant accumulation and cellular defence activation in bivalves chronically exposed to waterborne contaminants from the Seine River