Who are we ?

ADn'tox is an emerging company of the University of Caen Basse-Normandie, hosted by the Cancer Center François Baclesse, located in Caen in Normandy. The commercial activity is associated to the university team "Environmental Toxicology, Aerial Environments and Cancer "(TOXEMAC, Unit ABTE), GRECAN (http / / www.grecan.org). ADn'tox is supported by the start-up incubator “Normandie Incubation”.
laboratoire génotoxicologie
laboratoire génotoxicologie 3

ADn'tox's objectives are to bring to the market of the toxicology new analytical tools for assessing the environmental impact of chemicals through the development, adaptation and validation of reliable biomarkers of genotoxicology (field of the toxicology evaluating the DNA damage).

Alongside Jérémie Le Goff, director of ADn'tox, the founding team is composed of members of the former GRECAN specialized in the field of genotoxicology. Administrative and scientific advice was formed around the historic ADn'tox partners.

Docteur Jeremie LeGoff
State-certified doctor of pharmacy, the university career of Jeremie LE GOFF is complemented by a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Caen / Basse-Normandie (2000-2004).

This orientation towards the Scientific Research has been the opportunity to improve its skill level and experience in the fields of Oncology and Toxicology.

After a first step of forming at the Institut Curie of Orsay, jeremie LE GOFF has developed locally the 32P post-labeling technique, a sensitive method in the research for DNA adducts. He eventually founded the company in 2010.

Meeting the demand for new approaches to biological risk assessment, Jeremie LE GOFF initiated a valorization work which eventually led to create ADn'tox.